Cysts including Sebaceous cysts, Chalazion Removal, Lipoma Removal

At the Wells Clinic we use a combination of surgical excision using a scalpel  with stitches applied and thermocoagulation to remove cysts including Chalazion cysts which occur under the eyelid. Chalazion's often dissipate on their own after several weeks but sometimes need to be surgically excised.

Thermocoagulation is a technique using an electrical current via a probe which produces heat and is used to seal off the site during or at the end of the procedure. We use a state of the art machine with high power and frequency to give the least discomfort to the client.


Is it safe?

This technique has been widely used by GPs and Dermatologists for decades as a way of removing skin lesions and are regarded as highly safe procedures. Dr Matthews carries out this particular procedure,


Does it hurt?

You will receive a local anaesthetic injection. Once this has been administered the area should be completely numb and you not should feel anything during the procedure itself.



The initial consultation is FREE and we will only charge if a treatment is carried out. We will advise you which technique will be best suited to the type of skin lesion you have during your consultation.

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