Payment and Refund Policy



To advise all patients of our clinic rules with regards to payment of services.




All patients.




All services and products received at the clinic are to be paid for.

Payments are made immediately after or prior to the services received or on collection of products purchased.


All services at the clinic are non-refundable.




Prices are available to all patients on our website, displayed in reception and on request to our reception team or our clinicians prior to services being received.


Unless specifically asked, clinicians may discuss cost with the patient at their discretion before a consultation or treatment commences but this discussion is not mandatory since it is accepted that the patient receiving the service will have made some attempt to check prices attending the appointment.


The cost of all pre-paid treatments will be discussed at the time of payment so that the patient understands what the service they have paid for involves.


A receipt will be printed at the end of each consultation stating all fees due.


All payments are to be made immediately after each treatment or consultation by cash or card via reception.


Cheques are not accepted at The Wells Clinic.


Refunds are not available for any service received at the The Wells Clinic.


Refunds are not available for any product purchased once the product has left the premises.

In the event of non-payment of services, a referral to our credit control manager will be made and the necessary procedure followed.


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