Private insurance companies will often require a referral letter from a General Practitioner in order for your private consultant consultation and treatment to be covered by your insurance policy. The Wells Clinic can certainly assist with this, which means that you do not need to wait to see your NHS GP to obtain a referral to a private consultant. At The Wells Clinic, our average appointment time is 30 minutes which provides our clients with ample time to discuss their health issue thoroughly so that our experienced doctors can send you to the most appropriate hospital and the most appropriate consultant.

Dr Wells and Dr Matthews have collectively worked in the local area of Surrey for over 20 years. Over this time they have gotten to know the names of Consultants of the highest calibre who specialise in areas of medicine and surgery. Our experienced doctors are able to signpost their patients swiftly to the most appropriate consultant or for the most appropriate scan or investigation. Referrals are sent on the same day from The Wells Clinic by email or any other preferred method. The client will receive a confirmation email personally from one of our doctors to let you know they it has been sent. You will then be contacted directly by the hospital, clinic or service to organise your appointment.

The consultant will then write back to us and your NHS GP (if you so require) to keep us updated of your progress.

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