Ear Wax removal (microsuction/ irrigation)

* Do note; microsuction can only be booked on Fridays and please ring reception to book anyone under 16 years old

Ear wax is an extremely common problem for a range of people, from the very young to the very old. There is often little that can be done to prevent the build-up of wax in the ear. It could be painful or a person may notice that they simply cannot hear as well as they used to.

At the Wells Clinic we offer both microsuctioning and irrigation depending on patient preference and also on the most appropriate technique for the patient's ear structure.

Appointments are usually available within one or two working days.


Ear microsuction is an extremely safe and widely used procedure which involves using a tiny vacuum which gently lifts wax from the ear drum and ear canal.

Water irrigation

Ear irrigation or ear syringing is a procedure using warm water to gently push the wax out of the ear canal.

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    This is Gladys our healthcare assistant receiving an assessment
    (camera inserted into the ear canal) and treatment with microsuctioning.

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