Ear Health

Audiology Planet is an expert-led service that offers comprehensive assessments and customised solutions. We provide assessments, hearing care packages, noise protection devices, and tinnitus advice to address your specific needs.

Common consultations include
  • Ear wax removal - Microsuction or Irrigation
  • Auditory processing disorder assessment
  • Balance and/or dizziness assessment
  • Hearing assessment
  • Hearing Care Package
  • Noise protection devices
  • Tinnitus assessment

Audiology Planet’s Audiology Service provided at Wells Clinic offers comprehensive assessments and customised solutions, including hearing care packages and noise protection devices. Audiology services are led by Dr Jay Jindall, a consultant audiologist; patients benefit from accurate diagnoses, personalised recommendations, and improved auditory health. The Wells Clinic itself also offers Earwax removal through two techniques, irrigation and microsuction.

How do I book an appointment with Audiology Planet

To book an appointment with Dr Jay Jindall, please contact his team on 07543 664 692 or 0330 2233 453. Alternatively by email on audiologyplanet@outlook.com.

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