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Assess Your Risk Factors for Heart Disease

The Heart Health blood test assesses crucial risk factors that can lead to heart disease in the future. It evaluates your cholesterol, inflammation, and apolipoproteins A to E levels to determine your risk. The test is beneficial if you have a family history of heart disease or are concerned that your lifestyle choices may increase your risk.

What it includes

  • A comprehensive blood test conducted by a healthcare professional at our clinic.
  • Doctor-reviewed results with written comments and advice.
  • Optional results consultation with a doctor is available at a discounted rate.
  • Please scroll down the page for a complete list of biomarkers included in the test.

Why take a heart health test

  1. A heart health test is important for those with a family history of heart disease or lifestyle concerns.
  2. It assesses cholesterol, inflammation, and apolipoproteins to detect potential risk factors early.

Age restriction on blood tests

We're unable to offer blood tests for those under the age of 18 unless it is part of a routine GP appointment and the clinician believes it suitable.

The following biomarkers are tested in the heart disease blood test:

  • HDL and LDL cholesterol: HDL (good) and LDL (bad) cholesterol are measured to assess cholesterol levels.
  • Triglycerides: a measure of the actual fat in your blood.
  • CRP-hs: a marker for inflammation in the body.
  • Lipoprotein (a) or Lp(a): a genetic variation of LDL cholesterol that is a significant risk factor for the early development of fatty deposits in arteries.
  • Apolipoproteins A to E: proteins that attach to fats in our blood. High levels of ApoA are protective against heart disease. In contrast, high levels of ApoB represent a higher risk of heart disease.
  • High-sensitivity C-reactive protein (hsCRP): A biomarker used to measure inflammation levels in the body. It aids in assessing the risk of cardiovascular disease and provides valuable information for preventive strategies.



91 patient reviews

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Are blood tests suitable for children?

We are not able to offer blood tests for those under the age of 18 unless it is part of a routine GP appointment and the clinician believes it suitable.

How often should I get a heart disease risk blood test?

The testing frequency depends on your risk factors and the healthcare provider's recommendation. We would recommend an annual test for those over 50 years old.

What should I do if my test results indicate a high risk of heart disease?

If your test results suggest an increased risk of heart disease, it is important to consult with your healthcare provider. If needed, they will guide lifestyle modifications, medications, and further diagnostic tests to help manage your risk and promote heart health.

Can the heart disease risk blood test diagnose heart disease?

The heart disease risk blood test assesses various risk factors associated with heart disease. Still, it cannot independently diagnose the presence of heart disease. It provides valuable information to evaluate your risk and guide preventive measures. Additional diagnostic tests may be required for a definitive diagnosis.

Can I have the Heart health blood test if I am already on medication for heart disease?

You can still undergo the heart health blood test even if you already take heart disease medication. It helps monitor the effectiveness of your current treatment. It provides insights into other risk factors that may need to be addressed.

How long does receiving the blood test results take? 

We strive to deliver your results as quickly as possible. Results are typically available within a three to four working days.

Can I order specific tests not included in the standard packages? 

Our extensive range of laboratory tests allows for customisation based on your unique needs. Speak with our healthcare professionals to discuss the specific tests you require at the time of your appointment or contact the team in advance: Wells contact details

Can I discuss my blood test results with a doctor? 

Our qualified doctors are available to provide expert advice, interpretation of results, and personalised recommendations based on your blood test findings. Your results will be reviewed by our doctors and sent to you along with written comments and advice. A results consultation with your Wells doctor is available at a discounted rate of £45 which can be booked here, please book four working days after your initial blood test appointment.

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