Meningitis ACWY Vaccination

Get vaccinated against Meningitis ACWY at Wells for comprehensive protection against multiple types of meningitis bacteria. Our expert team ensures a safe and effective vaccination experience for all ages.

Meningitis ACWY VaccinationMeningitis ACWY Vaccination
Based on 119 patient reviews
Based on 119 patient reviews

Comprehensive Vaccination to Safeguard Against Meningitis and Bloodstream Infections

At Wells, we offer a private Meningitis ACWY vaccination service to safeguard individuals of all ages against meningococcal bacteria types A, C, W, and Y. Our experienced healthcare professionals administer the vaccine, providing reliable protection against this potentially life-threatening infection.

What it includes

  • Safe and effective vaccination against Meningitis A,C,W and Y strains
  • One dose of the vaccine
  • Expert advice and guidance on preparation and any concerns
  • The vaccine is administered by an experienced doctor or nurse at our private clinic
  • Certificate of immunisation available on request

Why you should consider getting vaccinated against Meningitis ACWY

  1. Shield yourself and your children from the severe impact of meningococcal diseases, such as meningitis and bloodstream infections.
  2. The Meningitis ACWY vaccine is highly recommended for individuals of all ages, particularly adolescents, university students, and those traveling to regions with increased meningococcal risk.



91 patient reviews

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Amazing experience, very friendly, caring and professional. Thank you!

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Lovely service , very thorough.friendly staff. Reasonably priced.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can children receive vaccinations at Wells?

Wells also provides vaccinations for children, following appropriate guidelines and recommendations.

Who should get the Meningitis ACWY vaccine?

The Meningitis ACWY vaccine is recommended for individuals of all ages, especially adolescents, university students, and those travelling to regions with a higher risk of meningococcal disease.

Does the service include a certificate of immunisation?

A certificate of immunisation is available on request at no additional charge.

What does the Meningitis ACWY vaccine protect against?

The Meningitis ACWY vaccine protects against the potentially devastating effects of meningococcal disease, including meningitis and bloodstream infections.

How does the Meningitis ACWY vaccine work?

The Meningitis ACWY vaccine stimulates the immune system to produce protective antibodies against the meningococcal bacteria, reducing the risk of infection and serious illness.

Is the Meningitis ACWY vaccine safe?

The Meningitis ACWY vaccine is considered safe and effective. Like any vaccine, it may have mild side effects, such as redness or soreness at the injection site, but serious side effects are rare.

Can adults receive the Meningitis ACWY vaccine?

Yes, the Meningitis ACWY vaccine is recommended for individuals of all ages, including adults. The vaccine is for those at higher risk of infection or those planning to travel to areas with increased meningococcal disease activity.

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