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Removing sebaceous, pilar, and epidermoid cysts under local anaesthetic

Our private cyst removal service offers safe and effective removal of uncomfortable or unsightly cysts. Sebaceous, pilar, and epidermoid cysts are most common. Our specialist surgeon performs the short procedure with local anaesthetic in our modern Minor Operating Suite for a quick and uncomplicated experience.

What it includes

  • A safe and effective way to remove cysts of all sizes from the scalp, back, or anywhere else on the body.
  • Removal of sebaceous, pilar, and epidermoid cysts under local anaesthetic in one of our Minor Operating Suites.
  • A short procedure that is usually without complications.
  • Stitching of the incision site to promote healing.

Benefits of cyst removal with Wells

  1. Relief from Discomfort - Cysts can cause discomfort or pain, especially if they are large, or in sensitive areas. Removing them can provide relief from this discomfort.
  2. Prevention of Infection - Cysts can become infected, leading to inflammation and potential complications. Removing the cysts reduces the risk of infection.
  3. Improved Mobility - Cysts in areas like joints or under the skin can limit mobility. Removing them can restore normal movement.
  4. Cosmetic Enhancement - Cysts can be unsightly, especially those on visible areas. Removing them can improve appearance and boost self-confidence.
  5. Diagnosis and Treatment - In some cases, a cyst may need to be removed for further examination to rule out other medical conditions or to provide appropriate treatment.
  6. Prevention of Rupture - Some cysts can rupture, causing pain and potential complications. Removing them prevents such occurrences.
  7. Elimination of Recurring Cysts - Removing cysts completely can prevent them from recurring or growing larger.
  • Face-to-face consultation: Book a consultation with our skilled surgeons at the Wells private clinic to review your mole and discuss treatment options.
  • Online questionnaire consultation: Complete an online questionnaire about your mole and submit photographs for assessment and recommendation.

Please note that in some circumstances, the doctor may ask you to come in for a face-to-face consultation if they cannot assess you via the online questionnaire.


Online initial consultation (£20)

Face to face initial consultation(£45)

Cyst removal is from £550. Additional cysts removed in the same procedure at a reduced rate depending on the size the location of the cyst.



91 patient reviews

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Amazing experience, very friendly, caring and professional. Thank you!

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Lovely service , very thorough.friendly staff. Reasonably priced.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a cyst? 

A cyst is a round lump filled with fluid under the skin, which can develop for various reasons.

Why do cysts develop?

Cysts develop due to hair follicle blockage, accidental cell migration, hormonal changes, infections, genetics, trauma, and gland dysfunction.

What types of cysts do you remove? 

Sebaceous, pilar, and epidermoid cysts are the most common types we remove.

Is the cyst removal procedure safe and effective? 

Our cyst removal procedure, conducted by our specialist surgeon in our modern Minor Operating Suite, is safe and effective.

Is the procedure painful? 

There is some pain with the local anaesthetic injection used to numb the area, ensuring minimal pain or discomfort during the procedure.

How long does the cyst removal procedure usually take? 

The procedure is typically short, usually taking less than an hour to complete.

Are there any risks or complications associated with cyst removal? 

While complications are rare, they may include infection, bleeding, or scarring. Our experienced surgeon minimises these risks.

Will there be any visible scarring after the cyst removal? 

Our surgeon takes care to minimise scarring. The incision site is typically small and stitched for optimal healing.

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