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Comprehensive Protection and Professional Administration of Tetanus Vaccine

Receive comprehensive protection against tetanus at Wells Clinic. Our experienced doctors and nurses administer the vaccine, safeguarding you from this potentially life-threatening bacterial infection. With our Tetanus vaccination service, you can ensure your health and wellbeing.

If you need a Tetanus vaccination for travel, you will be asked to complete a travel questionnaire so that we can make sure you have the correct vaccines for your trip. A member of the team may need to contact you before you appointment to arrange further vaccinations.

What it includes

  • Safe and effective vaccination against Tetanus
  • One dose of the vaccine
  • Expert advice and guidance on preparation and any concerns
  • An experienced doctor or nurse administers the vaccine at our private clinic

Why book your Tetanus Vaccination

  1. Choose our Tetanus vaccination service to safeguard yourself from the risks and complications of tetanus.
  2. Tetanus is a serious infection that can lead to muscle stiffness, spasms, and even life-threatening complications.
  3. Our service ensures you receive the necessary protection and peace of mind.



91 patient reviews

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can children receive vaccinations at Wells?

Wells also provides vaccinations for children, following appropriate guidelines and recommendations.

What is tetanus? 

Tetanus is a severe bacterial infection that affects the nervous system and can lead to muscle stiffness and spasms. Wounds in muddy or unclean areas may be prone to contracting tetanus into the body.

Who should get the tetanus vaccine? 

The tetanus vaccine is recommended for individuals of all ages, starting from childhood, and is particularly important for adults to maintain immunity. It is important to get a tetanus booster if you have suffered an injury in a muddy or dirty environment.

How often should I get a tetanus vaccine? 

A tetanus booster shot is recommended every ten years to ensure ongoing protection.

Are there any side effects of the tetanus vaccine?

Common side effects may include soreness at the injection site or mild fever, but serious side effects are rare.

How long does it take for the tetanus vaccine to take effect? 

The tetanus vaccine provides some protection shortly after administration, but full immunity is achieved approximately two weeks after injection.

Can I receive the tetanus vaccine if I'm pregnant? 

The tetanus vaccine is considered safe during pregnancy and can protect the mother and the unborn baby from tetanus infection.

Does the tetanus vaccine provide lifelong immunity? 

While the tetanus vaccine provides long-lasting protection, periodic ten-yearly booster shots are necessary to maintain immunity over time.

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