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Expert Assessments and Customised Solutions for Auditory Health

At Wells Clinic we have partnered with Audiology Planet to offer a range of comprehensive assessments and customised solutions for auditory health. Led by Dr Jay Jindall, a consultant audiologist, the team provides accurate diagnoses, personalised recommendations, and effective interventions.

From auditory processing disorder assessments to balance and/or dizziness assessments, hearing assessments, hearing care packages, noise protection devices, and tinnitus assessments, they are dedicated to improving your auditory wellbeing.

Audiology services include

  • Auditory Processing Disorder Assessment: Skilled audiologists conduct comprehensive assessments to evaluate auditory processing abilities. This assessment helps identify difficulties in processing sounds and provides valuable insights for tailored interventions.
  • Balance and/or Dizziness Assessment: Expert audiologists perform thorough assessments to evaluate balance and dizziness issues. By identifying the underlying causes, personalised strategies are developed to manage and improve balance and dizziness-related symptoms.
  • Hearing Assessment: Comprehensive hearing assessments using advanced diagnostic techniques to evaluate your hearing health. Audiologists provide accurate results and recommendations for suitable interventions, such as hearing aids or other hearing assistance devices.
  • Hearing Care Package: Hearing Care Packages are designed to address your individual hearing needs. It includes a combination of assessments, consultations, personalised recommendations, and ongoing support to ensure optimal hearing health and improved communication abilities.
  • Noise Protection Devices: Custom-fit noise protection devices to safeguard your hearing from excessive noise exposure. These devices provide effective protection while allowing you to maintain situational awareness and communication in noisy environments.
  • Tinnitus Assessment: Audiologists specialise in tinnitus assessment, providing thorough evaluations to determine the underlying causes and severity of tinnitus. Based on the assessment, personalised strategies are developed to manage and alleviate tinnitus symptoms.

What are the benefgits of a consultation with Audiology Planet

  1. Accurate Diagnoses: Audiology services provide thorough assessments to accurately diagnose hearing and balance issues, ensuring proper treatment and management.
  2. Personalised Solutions: Customised solutions tailored to each individual's unique needs, including hearing care packages and noise protection devices, enhancing overall auditory health.
  3. Expert Care: Consultant audiologist, Dr Jay Jindall, leads Audiology Planet, providing expert care, professional recommendations, and guidance for optimal hearing health outcomes.



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