Meet the team

General Practitioner​

Dr Sarah Wells

Dr Sarah Wells has worked as a doctor in the NHS since 2007 and as a General Practitioner since 2009. Her aim in starting the Wells clinic was to provide an alternative way to access GP care to the NHS in a friendly environment, where patients can have more time with GPs and problems are resolved more quickly and effectively. Dr Wells undertook her medical degree at Leeds University before qualifying as a GP with the Surrey and Sussex Healthcare Trust. She has worked in numerous GP practices and has gained excellent knowledge and experience.

Dr Wells has special interests in Travel Medicine and Medical Aesthetics. She takes a holistic approach in treating her patients and offers a wide variety of tests and treatment options when managing her clients. She has a diploma in International Health which allows her to have a broader knowledge and awareness of travel medicine as she draws upon this knowledge when counselling patients regarding travel vaccinations. She has a background in hollistic medicine which helps her when making conventional diagnoses, thinking outside the box when treating her patients. Dr Wells also provides industry-leading aesthetic treatments for her patients. She has trained at the Royal College of General Practitioners and on Harley Street, London and ensures all her aesthetic procedures are performed with the highest safety standards.


Governance Officer

Shaun Tudge

Shaun initially trained as a nurse and worked within a variety of healthcare providers both in the private and NHS sectors. He developed an interest in delivering clinical and corporate governance, and meeting healthcare regulations and went on to work within this field at a high level for a company who deal with dialysis of renal patients. He went on to work for the Care Quality Commission as an inspector of healthcare services and now works as a CQC consultant.

Shaun is passionate about ensuring that patients, clients and service users receive consultations and treatments at a highest level based around robust and effective governance and quality assurance processes. He now works as consultant for a range of services including independent clinics, private Doctors, and private hospitals in working towards achieving excellence in the area of governance.


Working with The Wells Clinic?

“After working with The Wells Clinic for a number of months now, as from the start of our collaboration, it is clear the service offered by Sarah, is all about the patients, their needs and ensuring they have a positive experience of advice, care and treatment. In the short term, we have concentrated on how the patient experience is captured and to look at ways to maintain the excellent service level provided at The Wells Clinic."


Administrative Assistant, Receptionist​

Mrs Anita Mitchell

Anita has a background in administration within the medical field and has worked within GP surgeries and dental surgeries for the past 8 years. She is friendly and happy to help clients when taking information and making appointment bookings. She works closely with Dr Wells in providing a high level of customer service for all our current and prospective clients.

Anita is in charge of managing our email enquiries so you would get a reply from Anita if you email us at If your enquiry requires medical information beyond the basic information regarding our treatments and services, Anita will forward your enquiry to Dr Wells who will respond on the following Tuesday or Wednesday when she is clinic.


Administrative Assistant, Receptionist​

Mrs Louise Stinton

Louise began her career working as a Veterinary nurse which she continued with for 8 years. Following this she became a Dental nurse which she did for 14 years and most recently worked as part of a busy reception and administrative team at a private dental practice. Given her nursing background she is comfortable working within a clinical setting. She has accrued knowledge of the regulations involved in medical practice and assists with putting these into practice at The Wells Clinic.  Louise is passionate about providing a friendly, helpful service, assisting patients with their requests and enquiries.
Louise works alongside Anita in responding to emails sent to and managing the appointment diary. Louise will assist you as a patient with any information you request within the limits of her capability when booking appointments. Louise acts as an assistant to Dr Wells in performing a range of administrative tasks as well as performing regular checks of our clinic environment.