Dermafix Pen/ Dermaroller

Dermaroller is a technique using a roller encased in fine needles which are rolled onto the skin- it sounds much worse than it actually is! This treatment provides truly incredible results in eliminating wrinkles and fine lines (especially under-eye wrinkles), dramatically improving the texture and firmness of the skin, eliminating brown spots and pigmentation and radically reducing acne pitting and all types of scarring. At last, there is a safe treatment to treat the tear troughs or under-the-eye wrinkles that are otherwise difficult to treat with alternative aesthetic treatments. To add to this it is also a fantastic treatment for hair loss- is there nothing this treatment cannot do?! Dr Wells will often use a combination of Dermaroller and the Dermafix pen when treating the whole face for a superior finish.

Dermafix pen is a similar treatment to Dermaroller, however, uses state of the art technology to give more precision and evenness to the treatment and deeper penetration into the skin with less discomfort. Dr Wells uses a combination of the Dermafix pen and dermaroller when treating the whole face and neck in order to apply the superior technique for the area she is treating. For example, the Dermafix pen is superior for the under-eye area, whereas the roller is found to be more effective for the cheek area.

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