Dermal Fillers

At the Wells Clinic, 'less is more' in terms of dermal fillers. Many patient's first concern when considering this sort of treatment is 'will I be left with a trout pout' or a 'duck lips'? Dr Wells believes that dermal fillers, as with any aesthetic treatment, should allow a patient to look fresh and rejuvenated, yet be subtle enough so that people will not be able to put their finger on why they think you look so well.

Dr Wells chooses to use only the best and most effective fillers at her clinic, which is why she primarily uses Juvederm made by Allergan. The product is made up of the naturally occurring substance hyaluronic acid which naturally maintains the turgidity of our skin but gets broken down as we age. These fillers have an established safety profile that gives a natural and long-lasting result. Juvederm helps to define, lift and revitalise the face and is used by medical practitioners around the world. A recent study by Allergan showed that 98% of patients rated their aesthetic results and 'good' or 'very good' after 18 months.

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    Kim Gordon after5

    Our model in this example was treated with Juvederm volift x 3 syringes and Juvederm Voluma x 1 syringe creating a face lifting effect of the lower face and increasing volume in the cheeks and around the mouth area and reducing lines around the eye area