At the Wells Clinic we offer a comprehensive range of vaccinations which are effective in preventing a range of illnesses. Our doctors and nurses will give you a full assessment to discuss the pros and cons of any particular vaccination.



We also offer a full travel vaccination service :



£80 per vaccine

2 doses needed




One dose only




1 dose

Lasts 10 years


Hepatitis B **please enquire about stock availability

£75 per dose(adult) £75 per dose(child)

3 doses needed


Influenza (Flu), injection (children and adults)

£40 per vaccine

Nasal spray flu vaccination (children and adolescents from 24 months)

£55 per dose (out of stock until next flu season Oct 2018)


Meningitis B

£145 per dose

Meningitis C/Haemophilus Influenzae

£80 per dose


Meningitis ACWY

£65 per dose


Rotarix (rotavirus) - oral suspension

£90 per dose

2 doses needed


MMR (from 13 months old)

£50 per dose

2 doses needed


Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)

£165 per dose

3 doses needed



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